Namaste! I am Shreyansh Gupta

One of the youngest digital marketer of India
And i am here to refurbish, refocus, and renew your brand and business by tapping into the unlimited potential of digital marketing and make it work for you!

Content Creator & Digital Marketing Expert

Social media marketing, paid advertising, press releases, and content marketing are just a few of the abundant marketing resources I have in my arsenal.


Years of Experience


Have created over a 100 websites till now and use analytics as well as optimisation tools to acquire the perfect results.


Skilled in a vast array of marketing tactics, ranging from social media, website design, google paid ads, sales funnel strategies, press release etc.


Have created hundreds of copies, graphic designs, blog posts, and video outputs for my clients.


As a millenial and a digital marketer, i know social media inside out and i have sustained social media growth for many clients.

  • Web Design96%
  • Social Media Marketing98%
  • Digital Growth Resources100%
  • Content generation97%

Everything I have done so far!

Here's a glimpse of my 6 year professional journey


Years Old

  1. 2014

    The year that i started my first blog at the age of 14

  2. 2015

    started earning from my website, generated 6 figures!

    I had spent the whole of 2014, writing blogs, generating content, trying to get my website adsense approved. it was finally around the end of the year when i got adsense approval and by 2015 mid, i had generated a traffic of more than a million on my website.

  3. 02 Sep 2007

    Made my venture in social media marketing


    Started my journey with social media marketing by working with clients online and designing strategies and cracking social media algorithms. A task made possible by incessant use of social media and my obsession with trends.

    My Achievements

    in that year, I managed to achieve staggering growth for my clients' social media platforms specifically on Instagram and was able to execute some very great campaigns

  4. 26 Feb 2009

    Expanding, relearning and innovating

    Perfecting my ad strategies

    Tested paid ads on different platforms, perfected my click-through-rates, optimised budget allocation and pinned down essential aspects of different kinds of ad sets.

    My Achievements

    Ran some very successful ad campaigns for my clients, ended up increasing sales by 80% for a particular client.

    What I learned

    Detailed aspects of what makes an ad campaign successful and what drives maximum value and CTR for an ad copy.

  5. 24 MAY 2018

    Established My Own Company

    This was the day I stopped working as a freelancer and started working as a company owner.

    Founded and established the digital marketing company DevelopXmedia, a one-stop solution for all marketing related needs.

  6. 16 Jan 2013

    Major milestone

    This was the year I brought together my team and ultimately established the core committee of DevelopXmedia.


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